A Revolutionary Line of CBD  Pain Relief Products

Exclusively Available At Lapine Family Chiropractic Clinic

5 Level Pain Management System

   Formulated with the highest quality active (API) and natural ingredients available on the market, including       Camphor and Menthol.

 Our 5 level pain management system offers pain specialists a flexible protocol of in-treatment and at         home solutions for effective pain relief.

Safe & Natural Compounds

Our products are formulated with the highest quality natural ingredients available on the market.

As an experienced pharmaceutical manufacturer, we know the importance of understanding exactly what goes into the products you put on your body. We invite and encourage you to fully explore all of the natural ingredients in our products.

Live a Pain Free Lifestyle

Our products helps restore your range of motion and regain the mobility necessary.


Patients have regained range of motion in the areas necessary to live a comfortable and pain free lifestyle. All the while recovering fatigued and painful joints and muscles.